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“OUTLOUD” Exhibition by Khahhal 1871

22 February 2022


Very few craft brands in Egypt carry as much heritage as El Kahhal’s name; which is understandable given their 150-year history in the hand-knitted rug industry. Holding such a unique position in your industry comes with responsibilities, such as bringing the industry together, innovating and pushing the industry forward, and of course supporting the people working in it.  

The “Outloud” Collective was a 3-day event held in Cairo, gathering artists and individuals interested in heritage crafts and rug knitting. The event aimed to support and push the heritage craft industry in the region, and also featured an exhibition showing a collection of El Kahhal’s latest pieces. Some of the pieces were in collaboration with local and international artists such as Okhtein, Karim Mekhtgian, Ahmad Fayyad, and Yasmina Makram to name a few. 

In addition to the above, the event hosted panels conducted by influential figures in different fields, the names include Karim El Hayawan, Talib Choudary AD Middle East’s editor-in-chief, Georgina Mc Whirter, and Aidan Imanova. 

This year, Al Ismaelia’s iconic Cinema Radio hosted the Collective’s sophomore event.
“Outloud” exhibition was organized in collaboration between El Kahhal 1871, Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment, Scoop Empire, and 1984 Management. Hoping that this is the start of many collaborations that aim to support local artists and crafts.

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