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Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment has consistently been driven by a dream to restore Downtown Cairo and celebrate its magnificent architecture that earned its name “Paris on the Nile”. Our primary role is to deliver a vibrant and economically strong Downtown, promoting it as a holistic destination that not only offers a comprehensive urban experience catering to modern needs, but also re-introducing historical buildings in a contemporary light.

Our Buildings

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La Viennoise

7 Champollion Street | 6,493 M2

Available Space

33 Sherif

33 Sherif Street | 8,875 M2

Available Space

El Shourbagy

16 Adly Street | 16,582 M2

Available Space

Cinema Radio

24 Talaat Harb Street | 8,191 M2

Available Space

22 Farida

22 Abdel Khalek Tharwat Street | 2,400 M2

Available Space


20 Adly Street | 8,535 M2

Available Space

Gharib Morcos

36 Abdel Khalek Tharwat Street | 2,924 M2


17 Gawad Hosny Street | 6,836 M2


5 Al Fadl Street | 3,000 M2


29 Hoda Sha'arawy Street | 5,352 M2