Al Ismaelia Al-Ismaelia

“Ma’arad-ha” Exhibition by Art D’Égypte

14 March - 1 April 2022


Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment comes together with Art D’Égypte for yet another successful collaboration; this time in celebration of women and their empowerment.

Kodak Passageway hosted “Ma’arad-ha”, an all-female art exhibition to celebrate modern-day female artists during women’s month and women artists. The exhibition displayed art pieces from 16 Egyptian female artists; Aliaa El Greidy, Al Shaimaa Darwish, Britt Botros Ghaly, Weam El Masry, Nelly El-Sharkawy, Hana Afifi, Eman Hussien, Fatma Abou Doma, Lina Osama, Marwa Adel, Monelle Janho, Nevine Hamza, Noha Nagui, Nora Baraka, Reem Osama, and Rowan Al Dib. These artists are paving the way for the next generation of female artists, the same way their ancestors did for them; a cycle of women empowering other women to express themselves in whatever way they want or need.

The exhibition ran daily at 20 Adly street hosted by Al Ismaelia’s lively Kodak Passage, adding to the history of fruitful collaborations between Al Ismaelia and Art D’Égypte.

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