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How We Work

How We Work

A meticulous five-stage process has been carefully designed by Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment to ensure the efficiency and the soundness of our endeavors to bring Downtown Cairo to its former beauty and glory.

Building Acquisition

Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment begins the process with a full assessment of the potential of buildings based on their location, architectural value, and structural soundness. The company uses a ‘Cluster Approach’ in acquisition, where buildings have to boast strategic locations overlooking vital streets, or ones that are ideally situated at a close proximity to main attractions.

Space Planning and Management

Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment works on updating infrastructure to best suit modern requirements for residential, commercial, and cultural spaces. Today, the company is proud to boast a diversified portfolio of concepts including office spaces, co-working spaces, retail stores, and serviced apartments that do not compromise on the district’s historic fabric.


Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment partners with the leading Institute for International Urban Development ‐ an offshoot from Harvard School of Architecture to guide the revival of Downtown Cairo’s grandeur. Al Ismaelia’s philosophy is deeply rooted in preserving and maintaining buildings’ original architecture, while refurbishing interiors to utilize space in conformity with the set urban plan.

Revitalizing Downtown

Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment emphasizes the importance of arts and culture as a unifying power that could help recapture Downtown’s lost centrality, while renewing tenants’ interest in the area. “A Downtown for All” that strives to appeal to the brightest minds by inviting them back to live, work, and have fun in a thriving boomtown of utmost affordability.

Environmental Responsibility

Our deep understanding of the importance of preserving the natural, healthy environmental equilibrium drives us to ensure that our projects will have no negative impact on the surrounding environment. During the construction work, Al Ismaelia is distinguished as one of the only real estate players in the market that provide top-notch property with least construction hazards, hence the least Co2 emissions possible.