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Chronicles of Downtown Cairo


Cairo, Egypt, October 25, 2020 – Downtown Cairo is filled with iconic structures that results in a dynamic, welcoming, and memorable experience for people who take the streets of Downtown Cairo. Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment is collaborating with Michael Safwat to illustrate the stories of Downtown Cairo in a form of series called “Chronicles of Downtown”.

“Chronicles of Downtown” combines the art and story of Downtown buildings through illustrations. A series presenting the history and details of the buildings you owned by Al Ismaelia. We are keen on sharing tales of the golden era of Downtown Cairo, and the purpose of our journey in preserving such monuments. Not only preserving but igniting the use of them through a platform called Dakhli West El Balad that provides exclusive locations to filmmakers, photographers, and visual artists to tell a story with a sense of authenticity.

Pleased to launch this series with collaborator Michael Safwat a physician by study and profession, an Urban Sketcher by choice. Since the Corona outbreak, and with more time at home and less outside, his gaze was shifted to other undiscovered beauties, landmarks of Egypt’s heritage; and for that the local sketching journey, under the name “El Mahrousa”, starting from Downtown Cairo and planning to expand further to Cairo, Alexandria and beyond; a variety of artistic interpretations of buildings.

Al Ismaelia has an aim to empower artists to create art that promotes the local culture. We connect architects with artists and inspire them through our informative content, and spotlighting the Cairo’s best architecture.

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