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Token: A Solo Exhibition by Aya Tarek

9 December - 22 December 2021

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9 December - 22 December 2021

Kodak Court

Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment was pleased to host Aya Tarek’s solo exhibition “Token” at Kodak Court from 9 December till 22 December.

TOKEN explores our obsession with consumption and its effect on the Egyptian societal ideals that dominate our virtual and non-virtual realities. TOKEN is beyond a symbol, keepsake, or unit of cryptocurrency. TOKEN is a rollercoaster ride that merges paintings and digital NFT artworks in an ideological and visual twist that will transport the viewer into a realm of cultural critique and admiration.

An ode to our consumption, a never-ending cycle, devouring one plate after another, TOKEN questions our constant need to verify and abide by the social dogmas we are fed. Between abstraction and the figure lies this new body of work encapsulated in square compositions, fragmented into pure color, into a formless form. A stage in Tarek’s journey to absolve herself of the narratives in her surrounding class culture. At times unruly yet placed with control and precision, the paint runs smooth as if made from layers of butter. The subject of the paintings is no longer its original self but particles reflecting Tarek’s disenchantment with the believed notions of classist success.

TOKEN is produced by B’sarya for Arts. NFT & Digital Partner by NFTY Arabia. Graphic Design by 40MUSTAQEL.


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