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Cairo Photo Week 2021

11 March 2021


In March 2021, Al-Ismaelia was the proud partner for the 2nd edition of the infamous Cairo Photo Week. The event, spanning 10 days, featured a plethora of workshops, talks, exhibitions, and portfolio reviews. The event’s theme was “Depth Off Field”, encouraging artists to widen their perspective not only in an artistic sense but also in terms of business and technical ability. 

Al-Ismaelia hosted Photopia’s Cairo Photo Week in its recently renovated buildings around Downtown Cairo. The Factory. Rawabet Art Space, Kodak Passageway, and the recently inaugurated Consoleya all held artistic, cultural, and historical value to hold an eclectic range of talks, workshops, and exhibitions. Throughout the 10-days, a total of 90+ talks, 11 exhibitions, 15 workshops/masterclasses, and 15 portfolio reviews were held at 6 different spaces. The event was a cosmopolitan affair, with more than 8000+ attendees from 25 different countries.

The event had more than 130 keynote speakers, featuring distinguished photographers such as Karim El Hayawan, Batool Al Daawi, and Sima Ajlyakin. Other notable attendees include French & US ambassadors in Egypt Stéphane Romatet and Jonathan Cohen respectively. Showing global support for the event and its purpose.

Events like Cairo Photo Week are crucial for the development of the art scenes in Egypt and the world. As visual artists from all over the world meet to share their perspectives and experiences; The inevitable globalization of the art scenes around the world will add exponential value to each of the scenes individually. And naturally, to their respective countries.


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