Al Ismaelia Al-Ismaelia


  • 17 Gawad Hosny Street
  • 6,836 M2



Located at 17 Gawad Hosny street, Abdul-Aziz Radwan Bey (commercially known as Tamara) building was first completed in 1910 with a 3 floor Neo-Renaissance architecture style. In 1912, two additional floors were added to the building.

The building was first owned by Banque Misr and in 1919 the ownership went to Emili Jalica then the property was bought by Abdul-Aziz Radwan Bey in 1925.



Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment acquired the building in 2009. It hosted the first photography festival in Egypt “Cairo Photo Week” in collaboration with Photopia which offered a wide variety of photography, videography, and cinematography educational experience by experts in Egypt and the region.

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Future Plans

Future Plans

Al Ismaelia aims to revive the building as a mixed-use project. The building will be comprised of three floors of 'Grade A' core and shell offices, 13 retail locations with direct access to the main street, in addition to a panoramic rooftop overlooking the remnants of Downtowns golden era buildings which will be a bustling leisure and recreational venue.