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La Viennoise

  • 7 Champollion Street
  • 6,493 M2



One of the most illustrious buildings in Downtown Cairo remains to be La Viennoise. Located on the lively intersection of 7 Champollion Street and 11 Mahmoud Bassiouni, the 125-year-old building has long been representative of Downtown’s montage of aesthetics. Built in 1896 by English architect, La Viennoise pays homage to timeless beauty, which shines through its  illustrious Italian renaissance style of architecture.

Originally owned by Hanna Sabagh Bey, the building was acquired in 1940 by Abdallah Mirshak, an Egyptian-Lebanese businessman to be later nationalized by the government and acclaimed again by Mirshak’s five daughters in 1981 who have been managing the building, which hosted the Viennoise hotel since then.


Restoration Process

Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment acquired the building in 2009, and commenced the renovation work in 2016 to introduce Cairo’s first green mixed-used historical building to set new global standards in sustainability which earned the building the ‘Tarsheed Commercial Renovation’ award.

The main part of the building is taken over for corporate use by Sarwa Capital, while there are lifestyle destinations planned for other picture-perfect parts of the stories building. This landmark destination offers everyone a beautiful place, rich in heritage, in which a diverse range of facilities can be enjoyed - from retail and F&B to a boutique hotel and cultural venues all in the heart of Downtown Cairo.

Architects: Mimar Architect, Ebony & Ivory, and Alchemy Studio

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Future Plans

Future Plans

The third floor is set to become a welcoming boutique hotel, offering guests an exclusive opportunity to experience Cairo’s golden age with all the comforts of modern life. Its rooftop will serve as a restaurant and a bar. The courtyard is a multi-functional space and a marriage between commerce and culture. Visitors and customers can move from the passage to the shops, from business units to the food cells, and from fashion stores to restaurants.