Al Ismaelia Al-Ismaelia

Available Space

Gharib Morcos

  • 36 Abdel Khalek Tharwat Street
  • 2,924 M2



Standing tall since the 1920s, the Gharib Morcos Building was a symbol of the distinct architectural styles rife in Downtown Cairo. Perhaps the most distinguished example of the distinguished styles in Egypt’s Belle Epoque era is Gharib Morcos. Adorning the street it lies on with its distinctive mezzanine and long façade, the Gharib Morcos building is one of Downtown Cairo’s originals.

The building hails its name from its two owners, the Morcos family acquired the building in 1956, and the Gharib family bought the other half in the 1970s.



Al Ismaelia later acquired the building in 2009, and has transformed it into a vibrant space available as a set for a variety of art and visual projects.

Gharib Morcos has become a great attraction for artists, creatives and professionals looking to occupy a space that’s frothing with unique aesthetics in every nook and cranny.