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El Shourbagy

  • 16 Adly Street
  • 16,582 M2

Building History

Building History

Standing tall and wide at one of Downtown Cairo’s most famed avenues is the Davies Bryan building, more commonly known as El Shourbagy. The facade’s red hue and its sprawling size has established this 110-year-old building as one of the ever-lasting relics of architecture and history in the heart of Cairo. It’s avenue location has the building overlooking three different Downtown streets: 16 Adly Street, 165 Mohamed Farid St. and 42 Abdel Khaleq Tharwat.

Completed in 1910 by Welsh architect Robert Williams to reflect an ecclesiastical look that embodies the medieval period of architecture in Wales. The 5 floors building boasts 2 main wooden Neo-Islamic doorways on Adly and Mohamed Farid Streets, in addition to a less extravagant entranceway on Abdel Khaleq Tharwat street. The building façades are covered with red bricks.

In 1947 Chourbagi Brothers acquired the building, where the ground floor was allocated to various retailers and among them the still standing “Halawa” shop.


Restoration Process

Al Ismaelia acquired the building in 2008, later renovating and revamping the building’s entire build in 2015 to its present day glory.

One of the building’s most sought after spots is its rooftop, which gives an inimitable view of Downtown Cairo’s skyline. This pinnacle Downtown location has also served as a set for several projects; from films, music videos, ads and many more. Two of the most notable venues in the building are: Villa Violette and Villa Victoria, that has helped artists, filmmakers and many more unleash their creative prowess.

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