Al Ismaelia Al-Ismaelia


  • 29 Hoda Sha'arawy Street
  • 5,352 M2



Tawakol is located at 29 Hoda Sharaawy street and was erected in 1908 under another name, comprising of five floors and a bustling commercial space.

In 1914, Frenchmen Henry Recine bought the building, giving it the name “Cafe Riche” and it was later sold to Greek Michael Nicoapolits, who attached an impressive theatre to the cafe. In 1942, Nicoapolits sold the café to George Basile Avayianos, who added a world-class restaurant. Finally, in 1962, Avayianos gave the café to Abdel-Malak Mikhail Salib who became the first Egyptian to own Café Riche.

Café Riche has always been a reflection of the history of Downtown Cairo and played a significant role as a social, communication center and a meeting point for all Egyptians and Arab writers, artists and intellectuals like Naguib Mahfouz, Ahmed Shawki, Youssef Idris and Taha Hussein. It also had an important role in the revolutionary movement in Egypt.



In 2008, Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment acquired Café Riche to preserve its social, and cultural influence leaving the café’s legacy to linger as a vital social nexus and a bustling communication center.

Future Plans

Future Plans

The building will introduce the first studio apartments in Downtown Cairo, accommodating the rising demand on practical living solutions for younger generations. The first four floors will be designated for residential studios, while the fifth floor will serve as a boutique hotel connected to the roof top to host both the boutique hotel’s restaurant and other dining venues.

Designed by: MADA Architects