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Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment “Life on Canvas” Exhibition in Downtown Cairo Featuring Artworks from 57357 Hospital

24 - 27 November 2021


Cairo, Egypt, November 25, 2021 – Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment is pleased to announce its collaboration with 57357 Hospital in support of their initiative Art Therapy Space. Driven by a sense of responsibility towards 57357’s heroic children, and to help them create a positive impact by sharing their stories, an exhibition was organized. When words failed them, the children found a creative outlet in their artworks. The process within itself is a form of therapy, release, and finding one’s inner strength. The artworks tell intimate stories that reflect battles, achievements and moments of self-assurance. Therefore, Al Ismaelia curated an exhibition titled “Life on Canvas” taking place from the 24th–27th of November at Kodak Court in Downtown Cairo.

“Life on Canvas” is an exhibition showcasing our heroes’ journeys, hopes, and dreams. The exhibition was held to support the efforts of completing 57357’s new art therapy space. With each artwork purchased, proceeds will go to the hospital to help another child in need. The exhibition was attended by H.E Hala Elsaid, Minister of Planning and Economic Development and AUC President Ahmad Dallal.

Al Ismaelia with Creative Empowerment sought to support 57357 hospital and shed light on the creativity of their much beloved heroes. Needless to say, empathy, strength, and hope are no strangers to the people and streets of Downtown Cairo. “Life on Canvas” is a chance to bring the community together under one roof to celebrate said heroes, and to continue showing up when they need us.

On the 21st of November, Al Ismaelia and Creative Empowerment academy organized a series of workshops instructed by renowned artists in multiple art disciplines. Through their appreciation of art, the instructors helped children develop new skills and forms of expression. Taking place at one of Al Ismaelia’s venue, Kodak Court, four different workshops were held; photography by Karim El Hayawan, jewelry by Design Studio by Azza Fahmy, graffiti by Toxik, and sculpting by Theres Antoine. These workshops allow children to gain personal insight, relieve stress, and build on their passion. The enduring outcomes of these workshops are presented at the exhibition.

Commenting on “Life on Canvas” CEO, Co-founder, and Chairman of Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment, Karim Shafei said “We are very much aligned with the objective of 57357 that aims to position art therapy as an integral part of treatment and also enables children to develop and learn new skills. I look forward to the positive impact Life on Canvas will create as we Al Ismaelia believe that art is a universal language”.

The hospital has always been keen on encouraging the children’s artistic potential; however, the new space will be a profoundly significant step in the children’s recovery journey. The center will help improve the mental and psychological states of the children, allowing them to not only bring out their inner artist but also their inner strength. Art therapies bring together various art disciplines including music, writing, drawing, painting, photography, and sculpture. 57375’s promising art therapy center will help its staff create designated programs that will cater to each child’s needs.

Al Ismaelia for Real Estate has always placed emphasis on curating various events and exhibitions that reposition Downtown Cairo as the center of arts and culture. To attract and motivate people in favor of this cause.

This initiative is created to showcase Art Therapy as a powerful and inspiring tool used as a form of expression to help out together what cannot be said in words. Al Ismaelia believes Life on Canvas’s message will help establish a fruitful norm in society via artistic means. This exhibition greatly contributes to Al Ismaelia’s keen sense of social accountability, which plays an integral part of its core values, and its main objective of reviving the heart of the city.


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