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Al Ismaelia developed the company’s Urban Planning Project to outline their vision for Downtown Cairo; a vision that not only considers the company’s interests, but the interests of all the neighborhood’s players whom encompass every segment of Cairo’s rich urban fabric. To better understand the unique characteristics and needs of Downtown Cairo, Al Ismaelia commissioned Harvard School of Architecture and Urban Planning’s International Institute for Urban Development (IIUD) for an extensive study.

The research resulted in a series of reports, covering the layout, infrastructure, socio-economics and architecture of Downtown Cairo from the time of its birth to today. The reports posit a number of viable urban planning solutions to Downtown Cairo’s obstacles, all of which would make the district more desirable and accessible to all Egyptians for residential, commercial and cultural purposes, as well as some basic research and ideas that will be used for the dialogue between all the stakeholders whether the municipalities, the residents, the visitors or even the shop owners as a community effort for the development of downtown.

Al Ismaelia continues to work extensively with urban planners based in Egypt and abroad to improve pedestrian accessibility, encourage economic prosperity and preserve the historic integrity of Downtown Cairo for the direct benefit of the public. Proposals for widening pedestrian sidewalks, restoring facades of historic buildings and improving the flow of vehicular traffic have thus become part of Al Ismaelia’s vision for the future of Downtown Cairo. Al Ismaelia is committed to working with the members of the public and private sectors and all concerned stakeholders in Downtown Cairo to implement the suggestions posited by the IIUD to celebrate and restore the district’s role in Egypt’s historic, economic and cultural identity.

The reports conducted by the IIUD, which play an instrumental role in the vision of Al Ismaelia’s Urban Planning Project, are published below.


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Assessment Report

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Urban Planning

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