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Strategically, a dialogue should be started between Al Ismaelia and the governorate to start to define both the nature of the interventions required and the complementary roles of a public/private partnership for the rehabilitation of Khedivial Cairo. We propose to initially focus our effort on the western cluster as a demonstration of the range of improvements that should be made to restore its functional and aesthetic character. Its size is manageable, and its proximity to several five-star hotels, government offices and the Egyptian Antiquities Museum make it a natural Downtown destination for both Cairenes and tourists.

The documentation of the precise nature of the intervention strategies to revitalize the western cluster will allow the initiation of a precise dialogue with the responsible authorities, Governorate, GOPP and Urban Harmonization Agency to ascertain their willingness to support and participate in the revitalization of the cluster, including the key component of vehicular and pedestrian traffic management and applicable restoration standards to be mandated on property owners.

Based upon this dialogue, a similar strategy can be developed for the northern cluster and the Study Area as a whole.