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Downtown CAIRO


Downtown has always played an integral role in getting Cairenes where they need to go. The city centre is a bustling transportation hub, serving as a crossing point for the millions who pass through its roads, rails and sidewalks on a daily basis.

Whether going from Maadi to Shubra by way of Corniche el Nil, or crossing from Giza to East Cairo over the 6th of October or Kasr El Nil Bridges, the city’s roadways all inevitably meet in Downtown.

Even the far reach of Cairo International Airport in Heliopolis is easily reached via the Azhar tunnel, while North and South Cairo is united by the Autostrad. 

From the iconic Tahrir and Talaat Harb Squares, the long boulevards of the vibrant, central district emerge. Downtown’s avenues are flanked with consistent pedestrian sidewalks, a rarity for the city, allowing for comfortable and leisurely strolls through the neighborhood.

Beneath the celebrated and ever-busy Tahrir Square, the red and yellow lines of Cairo’s metro cross at Sadat Station and the future green line will traverse Downtown on its path from Heliopolis to Mohandeseen.

Behind the Egyptian Museum, Abd El Meneim Riyad bus station serves local commuters throughout the greater Cairo area, while travelers coming and going from the capital city pass through Ramsis Station in the north of Downtown and the National Bus Terminal in Torgoman.

As the axis of transportation, Downtown Cairo is truly the place where all Egyptians converge.