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Buildings We Own

Gharib Morcos

In 1916 Isaac Amiel, a boxing champion at the time, started the erection of his building on Queen Farida Street (now Abdel Khalek Tharwat). The marble was imported from Belgium and the building architecture according to the book Khedival Cairo available in French New Baroque – Art Deco, the building was completed in 1920. In 1956 the building was sold to Morcos family and in the mid 70’s half of sold to the Gharib family. In 1997 one of the workers in a small tailoring workshop, in the mezzanine level, left an iron on the fabric while watching a soccer match. The fabric caught fire and the entire floor was burnt down leading to the collapse of the staircase in the first floor...

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Kodak Buildings

Gorge Eastman fell in love with Egypt and decided to open the second Kodak shop in the world. The building was acquired in 1924 by Kodak Company where it hosted its offices until its acquisition by Al Ismaelia in 2008 and is currently used as the company’s headquarter office...

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Abdel Khalek Tharwat

22 Abdel Khalek Tharwat was built in the 1920’s by a Greek family. It was part of a complex that encompasses four buildings designed by the same architect. The building changed ownership over the following decades until it was purchased by a merchant from a neighboring wholesale market...

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Davies Bryan Buildings

John Davies Bryan, a Welshman, had run a small shop at No. 12 Bridge Street, Caernarfon, Wales. Shortly after he disembarked in Egypt, Bryan opened a shop in Cairo’s Continental Hotel under the trademark name of Davies Bryan which sold an array of imported goods including...

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Cinema Radio

Built in the late 1930’s, Cinema Radio is located on Soliman Pasha St., the most frequently visited street in Downtown Cairo. The property hosts an office building made up of over 120 rooms and a second building hosting a cinema and a theatre, each 1,500 square meters...

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