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Board of Directors

Mr. Ammar AlKhudairy the Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer and a founding shareholder of Amwal AlKhaleej (“Amwal”). Prior to founding Amwal, Mr. AlKhudairy held a number of senior management positions with Saudi banking institutions, including Head of Strategic Business Development and Central Region Head with Banque Saudi Fransi and Country Head with Gulf International Bank. Mr. AlKhudairy’s professional track record spans a number of banking disciplines including M&A, project finance, corporate finance, corporate banking and merchant banking. Mr. AlKhudairy sits on a number of corporate boards; including SAVOLA (Jeddah), Damas (Dubai), Al Tayyar Travel (Riyadh), United Sugar Company (Jeddah), Amwal Invest (Amman) and Lebanese Canadian Bank (Beirut). Mr. AlKhudairy earned a master’s degree in Engineering Administration from The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. after earning a B.S. in Civil Engineering.

Mr. Hazem Barakat co-founded Beltone Private Equity in partnership with Beltone Financial and led the establishment of seven investment vehicles. Mr. Barakat co-founded Miraco Carrier and served as its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer from 2004 to 2006 and  it’s Chairman until August 2010. Between 1982 and 1996, Mr. Barakat held various positions in Miraco Carrier in the manufacturing, sales, service and contracting divisions. From 1996 to 1999, he established the Egyptian Confectionary Company and the Engineering Plastic Manufacturing Company. Mr. Barakat is a member of the American Chamber of Commerce and was a member of the Advisory Council of the School of Business, Economics and Communication of the American University in Cairo.

Mr. Karim Saada the Executive Vice President of Amwal AlKhaleej and Country Head of its Egypt operations. Mr. Saada benefits from 17 years of experience in finance and investment specifically in private equity, financial management, corporate lending and remedial asset management. Prior to joining Amwal, Mr. Saada was the Chief Information Officer then General Manager Gulf Arab Investment Company, a USD 75 million private equity investment firm based in Egypt. He has 10 years of banking experience in Egypt and Saudi Arabia working with Egyptian American Bank and United Saudi Bank, mostly in corporate banking, as well as corporate finance and the restructuring/recovery of remedial accounts. Mr. Saada was also Finance Director at Kingdom Holding, where he was seconded to Rotana Audio and Audiovisual for a two year period. Mr. Saada is a CFA charter holder and member of CFA Institute.

Mr. Aladdin Saba the co-founder and Chairman of Beltone Financial, a leading regional financial services institution operating in the fields of investment banking, asset management, private equity, brokerage and equity research. Mr. Saba is also the co-founder of Hermes Financial which grew to be one of the leading investment banking institutions in Egypt. He also co-founded the Kidder, Peabody & Co.’s Middle East regional office in Cairo where he was co-manager and was involved primarily in corporate finance activities including privatizations. He is a founding member of The Egyptian Investment Management Association, in addition to The Egyptian Capital Markets Association. Mr. Saba holds an MBA from University of Pennsylvania Wharton School. Mr. Saba sits on the boards of various corporations and investment funds.

Mr. Samih O. Sawiris the Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of Orascom Development Holding. He was Co-Chief Executive Officer and Executive Chairman until July 2011. He also serves as chairman or as a member of the board to a number of subsidiary companies of the Orascom Development Group. After receiving his Diploma in Economic Engineering from the Technical University of Berlin in 1980, Mr. Sawiris founded his first company "National Marine Boat Factory". In 1996 he established Orascom Projects for Touristic Development and established Orascom Hotel Holdings the following year, two companies which later merged to form Orascom Development Holding (“ODH”). He has served as Chief Executive Officer and chairman of ODH since its incorporation. Mr. Sawiris established El Gouna Beverages Co. in 1997, which he subsequently sold in 2001, after the company became the largest beverage company in Egypt.

Mr. Karim Shafei is the Chairman and CEO of Al Ismaelia and the idea generator of the Downtown Rehabilitation Project. Mr. Shafei has successfully founded and managed several companies. In 1999 Mr. Shafei founded Context Ltd, a consulting company for the Egyptian textile sector; Khoyout Publications, the first Arabic textile magazine in Egypt and the region, Context Services to provide sourcing solutions to EU and US-based retailers; Gherzi Egypt, a joint venture between Context Services and Gherzi Textile Organization and Context Recruitment which specializes in international executive searches.