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Advisory Board

In line with Al Ismaelia’s belief that Downtown Cairo has always been and will continue to be a public space that should attract all segments of the Egyptian society, Management has formed an advisory board comprising members of the community who share Al Ismaelia’s passion for Downtown Cairo. The members of this advisory board are engaged in a variety of disciplines including architecture, urban planning, tourism, business, sociology and arts to ensure an organic revival of Downtown Cairo that suits the needs and aspirations of a wide scope of Egyptians for Downtown Cairo’s potential. Representing these segments of civil society, the advisory board will play a crucial role in assisting Management to prioritize Al Ismaelia’s plans for its Downtown assets while advocating for the many interests of all segments of Egyptian society.

Integral to Al Ismaelia’s vision for the revival of Downtown Cairo is the patronage of the arts and promotion of Egypt’s culture. Encouraging the arts will therefore be one of the priorities of the advisory board. Since its establishment; Al Ismaelia has offered subsidized rent and short-term free space to a number of institutions and artists in order to preserve the reciprocal relationship between Downtown Cairo and the arts in Egypt. Al Ismaelia partnered with The Townhouse Gallery and the Contemporary Image Collective (CIC), two of Cairo’s most celebrated modern art spaces; and has sponsored such events as the Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival (D-CAF).